Fort Smith Marathon
Inclement Weather Cancellation Policy

Choosing a date in February for the Fort Smith Marathon was based on two primary factors:

a desire to coordinate rather than compete with other well-known marathons and half marathons in the region
 and to provide for cool-weather training leading up to the event

The inherent risk is that winter weather in this neck of the woods can be highly unpredictable. On average, temperatures and conditions are perfect for distance running; 30-50 degrees with little frozen precipitation. The flip side is that it can be pushing 60 or even 70 degrees one day and in the teens and icy a few days later.

Our commitment is to provide runners and the volunteers that make this event possible with an enjoyable and safe experience. In the event of extreme unsafe weather conditions (i.e. lots of ice on the roads, temps in the single digits, etc.), a committee including the Race Director, Race Physician, and representatives from the Fort Smith Police Department, Fort Smith Street Department and Fort Smith EMS will evaluate the situation and make a determination whether to alter the course or to cancel the event. Rest assured that a little snow or chilly weather won’t deter us. After all, our tagline is “This one’s got GRIT!”. A little challenge just makes crossing the finish line that much more worth it!

In the event of cancellation, please understand that refunds cannot be provided. This event is a fundraiser to benefit the expansion of the Fort Smith Trail System. Much of the expense to produce the event is sunk cost either way. Any t-shirts that are not picked up will be mailed to